Flashback to my first summer vacation with friends, stressed about getting my period every time I went to the bathroom. Fast forward to when I was 15 years old and worried sick my cervical mucus was a severe illness. Fast forward another 4 years when my gynecologist prescribed me the pill that helped reducing period pain but made me gain 10 kilos in 4 months’ time. So many moments in my life that I could have managed differently if I had had the knowledge about my cycle that I have been able to gather in the last few years through the Fertility Awareness Method.

Feeling completely overwhelmed with periods, cycles and contraception has served as great source of motivation to change career path and become a FAM practitioner. It is my strong belief that every person has the right for proper education about reproductive organs, sex hormones and everything impacted by that, especially when it is their own body we are talking about. I also believe that every person who wants to use birth control should be given all necessary information on side effects as well as a broad range of options, from hormonal contraceptives to natural alternatives.

The Fertility Awareness Method offers a natural alternative that, with correct use, has an effectiveness rate similar to the pill. My mission as FAM practitioner, however, goes beyond just teaching about natural contraception. My courses for teens focus on providing them with the fundamental knowledge about how their bodies change during puberty and what happens when they get a period. My school presentations provide a safe space to ask questions about their menstrual health and break unnecessary taboos about the topic.

Eager to learn more about the fertility awareness method or interested in booking me for a school presentation to teach your teens about their bodies? Check out my course catalogue and let’s start the journey together!

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